Sooraj Pancholi charged in Jiah Khan suicide | Jiah Khan suicide case

Sooraj Pancholi changed into on Tuesday charged with abetting the suicide of his lady friend, 25-12 months vintage actor Jiah Khan in 2013. Sooraj, son of actor Aditya Pancholi, pleaded now not responsible of the equal at the periods court.

Excerpts from the chat with Sooraj Pancholi 

You’ve been charged in the case. How are you planning to go ahead with the trial now?

i was continually supposed to get charged for something. because if i am no longer charged, I can't visit trial. this is the way it become. So, i have been waiting for nowadays for the beyond 5 years. eventually on February 14, my trial will start and that is the handiest chance I should shield myself. i've been ready and expecting this date.

You refused to undergo polygraph or brain-mapping exams.

They desired to do a Narco check on me. I simply want to invite you a query, if you are not guilty and if a person wanted to put you down on a clinic bed and inject you with chemicals. would it not be proper? So, why could I need them to deal with me like a terrorist? And all those assessments aren’t even admissible in courtroom. So, why could I need myself to be tortured like that? it's far human right to decide in case you need to undergo it or no longer.

Your father Aditya Pancholi stated he's ‘prepared for a real legal combat.’ Are you prepared for it?

i've been ready for it because the time they positioned me in jail, because I assume what passed off with me is very unfair. i was 21 years antique lower back then and i'm 27 now. I simply wasted a whole lot of my life. And i'm prepared for it proper now as we talk because it’s the day we had been looking ahead to and subsequently we get to visit trial.

Who has been your strongest support all this even as?

My circle of relatives. My mom. I never predicted every person else to assist me as it’s my own conflict.

you are facing trial when you are nevertheless constructing your performing profession. How do you suspect it’ll affect your public photo?

My photo became created as a monster 5 years in the past, on day one of the incident. So, the media has achieved the damage already. So, it’s nothing new for me. My case has been a media trial from day one.

because of all this felony mess, now will you ever be able to bear in mind Jiah fondly?

She become part of my existence at one point, and irrespective of the case or now not, I don’t think you will be able to ever forget about some thing like that.

What are your very last words before going to trial?

I just need to say that i am satisfied that i'm going to trial ultimately. may the reality succeed in court. this is the day we had been expecting.
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