Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai

Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai

did you know you may use discarded broccoli stems to whip up a carpaccio, recycle that leftover gavar sabzi as scrumptious chaat, and use inexperienced garlic to marinate meat?

to find out how, make your way to the meals workshops, masterclasses and talks being held as part of the hindustan times kala ghoda arts pageant’s food phase, powered by means of bertolli.

the theme this yr is hara bhara. “it reflects the festival’s overarching message of going green,” says segment curator roxanne bamboat. “the emphasis is on mindful eating. we want to inspire humans to consciousness on regional, nearby produce, and reduce waste of their kitchens.”

the road-up consists of workshops by chef thomas zacharias (of the bombay canteen) on cooking with lesser-known indian vegetables; creator and meals representative saee khandekar’s exhibit of present day maharashtrian dishes; and chef sandeep sreedharan’s demo of vegetarian cuisine from india’s west coast.

“there is a false impression that coastal cuisine is confined to fish, crab and prawns,” says sreedharan. “you’ll also find dishes starring pumpkin, red yam, plantain and tapioca. in fact, many of them could be intrinsically vegan. i’ll proportion clean-to-cook dinner recipes.”

periods by means of chef varun inamdar and chef-mixologist arina suchde will help you discover sustainable cooking practices. the previous will awareness on reusing leftovers; the latter, on oft-discarded elements of vegetables, like carrot skins and broccoli stems.

in case you’re looking for fun but wholesome recipes to spruce up your toddler’s tiffin, head to amrita raichand’s workshop. “the pageant’s subject resonates with my cooking philosophy of the usage of herbal elements. as an instance, i exploit beetroot, spinach and carrot in my pasta recipe. i’ll percentage hints and tricks,” she says.

as you make your way to the workshops, expect to run into a active mix of road performances.

the spotlight this yr is ready to be a koli parade (on february four), offering 25 artistes from the fishing groups of mahim and worli. dressed in traditional outfits, they may march sporting a 25-toes-long, light-weight duplicate of a boat. “kolis are the unique inhabitants of mumbai. it’s the primary time we’re bringing them into the pageant. they’ll sing songs and invite human beings to bounce with them,” says street section curator varsha karale.

rampart row additionally guarantees to be a shopper’s delight, with an array of stalls curated beneath the subject, springtime. “we've got seventy four stalls featuring small-scale entrepreneurs and artisans from mumbai, pune, mysore, manipur and west bengal,” says section co-curator vidula warawdekar. watch out for stalls promoting thanjavur paintings, ‘herbal jewellery’, modern day upcycled footwear and natural soaps and jams.

among those looking forward to the performances, street art and purchasing is shreya mehta, a contract photographer from surat who has timed her visits to mumbai to coincide with kgaf for the past 5 years. “every edition has had fantastic installations and track performances. final year, i additionally attended alyssa chesson’s ice-cream making workshop. i tried her salted caramel recipe lower back domestic and it came out thoroughly,” mehta says.

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