Kritika Kamra Would Kill Ex-Boyfriend Karan Kundra | Karan Kundra

Recently Kritika Kamra appeared on a chat show Titled "Table of Two" she was asked who she would marry,kill ,hook up and options were Karan Wahi, Karan Johan and Karan Kundra .

To which she happily said i would Love to kill Karan Kundra since we broke up and he was the one who cheated.

Few months back, Karan who is in relationship with Anusha , mentioned that social media angling has created issues between them.

He said, “I do feel guilty regarding this as a result of this (trolls) is what she (Anusha) needs to come to life to each day. This has junction rectifier to issues between, There area unit problems at my home furthermore. My mother scolded my sister the other day once my sister tried explaining this to her. It’s not that she believes everything however she has currently started reacting to that.”

Anusha and Karan started dating 2 years past. In AN interview with Bollywood Gossip and News, she mentioned that the trollers wish her to break-up with Karan. “Trolls wish us to interrupt up as a result of they love Kritika (Kamra, his former girlfriend) and Karan along. They were in an serial. They looked nice. They were everybody’s love interest”

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