Story of this film revolves around a person, distributing pads among the village girl for higher emission hygiene. however the ladies refuse to use those simply because they do not need to adapt new things. Moreover, the ladies of the village along side his married person insults him for his work. The village individuals think about amounts as taboo and every one period talks area unit restricted to whispers among the women.

The show additionally highlights a crucial idea, that is- “Men mustn't realize periods!”

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar knocks it out of the park as he brings to life the extraordinary lifetime of a person WHO invents a low-priced healthful pad machine to assist rural girls. Such a movie around a real-life activist, Arunachalam Muruganatham, might have simply gone down the didactical route however director R Balki keeps a decent rein on his subject.

PadMan isn’t cloyingly informative and is laced humorously, drama and pathos. soft by superlative performances from associate degree earnest-looking Kumar and Radhika Apte as his married person WHO doesn’t get her husband’s obsession with emission hygiene, this one may be a keeper.
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